• Elkanis-AKS Partnership The Akwa Ibom state government in partnership with El-kanis and Partners, a specialist company in digital technology have resolved to improve the state’s agricultural sector through the use of innovative digital technology. Read more at: dailytimes.ng

About FarmX

"FarmX is an app-enabled B2B2C platform that matches on-demand farmers request to agro service providers with mobile payment solution, optimizing food production and access to wider markets."

Farmers' Hiring of interns for reduced labour cost

Farmers' Access to extension agent services

Farmers' Access to Loans & Insurance

Farmers' Access to tractors and Logistics Services

Farmers' Access Veterinary services

Farmers' Access to Input Supplier

Farmers' Access to legal service

Selling and buying of agro-inputs and training

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FarmX simplifies every part of farming and agribusiness operations, enabling farmers and food value chain actors achieve scale and scope based advantages, risk mitigation and also letting them stay profitable in a fast changing market place.

"Running your farming and agribusiness doesn't have to be complicated."

Get More Done Faster

Increase your agribusiness and farm productivity and accelerate adoption with a flexible request tools that matches requestor to service provider.

Go Where You Business Takes You

Order inputs on mobile devices, check your inventory, take customer orders, approve pirchases, and view key performace indicators on the go

Take Back Control Over Your Processes

Eliminate inefficiencies, and streamline operations with end-to-end integration of your farm and agribusiness processes to control costs and improve profits

Serve Your Customers Better

Accelerate issue resolution in your farm and increase service provider responsiveness with a faster and simpler access to the information they need.

Expand Market Access

Increase capacity and sell agricultual produce to consumers, guide farmers on increasing market value by effectively selecting the right produce specification.

Gain Agility And Focus On Your Business

Take advantage of online training and functionality, security, and scalability.

Get The Insight You Need, When You Need It

Get notification and monitor performace in real-time with user dashboards and SMS.
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